Race row erupts over casting of Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra

Angela Jolie is being considered for forthcoming Cleopatra Movie

Angelina Jolie may play African Queen - Hollywood re-writing history again, this is nothing new

Jolie, who turned 35 last week, is caught up in a racially charged debate over whether the role should have been played by a black woman.  

The Egyptian royal was most famously portrayed Elizabeth Taylor in 1963.  With actresses like Kerry Washington, Gabriel Union Oscar-winning actress
Jennifer Hudson why is there still an issue of casting a black actress in a lead role especially when the historic character is black?   

 I can hear the cries already of race card boring….but hear me out we are a rainbow world but 80% of all hollywood films have white actors playing leading roles (I am being generous) , Jolie can’t act and is sooo overrated lets not beat around the bush.  The producer on this film Scott Rudin doesn’t want to tell the story of  an African Queen  he want’s to get the ROI which he believes is guaranteed by having Jolie lead the film.    However his bets would have been better placed elsewhere,  it is no longer 1963 & black history deserves to be celebrated like any other cultures history and not manipulated.  

My issues go beyond this film it is society as a whole and this film unfortunately adds to the fire…  we are a rainbow world yet  stop and search is up 70% on black and Asians (UK)? Why is Obama looked at in the British press like he is being too hard on BP when people and animals have died? Why have trillions pounds worth of metal been found by US Geologists in Afghanistan (that ain’t US land stop profiting from other countries resources) can you imagine Evita being portrayed by Mo’Nique, Elvis portrayed by Aamir Khan‎or what’s next Nelson Mandela  played by Johnny Depp?  

An Essence Magazine online story asks, ‘Another White Actress to Play Cleopatra?’  

‘Why does Hollywood think it’s even slightly plausible to cast white women in roles that would be more sensible to cast a black actress for? Especially when that role is an African queen.’  

In contrast the casting of Jolie has been backed by Pulitzer Prize winning author Stacy Schiff, who wrote the book which the film is based on, Cleopatra: A Life.  

‘I think [Jolie] be perfect for it and I can see a possible Oscar in her future,’ she said. ‘Physically, she’s got the perfect look’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1287505/Race-row-erupts-casting-Angelina-Jolie-Cleopatra.html#ixzz0rBsoLg4Q

Written & edited by Ruth Henry


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