Drake – Find Your Love

Yeah yeah …I am like a month late but when I kept on hearing this on BBC 1xtra I did not like it & kind of dismissed Drake’s Find Your Love track regardless that it was produced by Kanye at the time I justt thought  ok next …, but then I saw the video on BET’s 106 & Park and appreciated Find Your Love  much more, my mini rant makes me think of platitudes like –

  • Visulisation tools can make or break a track & directors mini movies for songs are inspiring 
  • Video killed the radio star 
  • The pap some of the DJ’s  talk on 1Xtra may make the music sound like lounge music –  yeah I said it

Anywho enough with the platitudes here’s the video, can’t get this track out of my head go figure

Other tracks I like:

 Alicia Keys Unthinkable  

& if you wanna hear more Drizzy listen to the

 Remix of Unthinkable feat Drake

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