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****Whats good peeps! You already know I do this writing thing  and
as we are all influenced by other artists from the game its only right
 I get my interview swagger on and get at some of the hottest artists
in the UK and around the world. Every month I will be bringing you an
exclusive interview with Artists that im feeling! ****
I took the time out of my crazy schedule to catch up with an Artist that I used
to bump in my headphones……no CD’s ….straight TDK cassette lol. If you know
about HIP HOP then you know all about Lords of The Underground.
DOITALL (Lords Of The Underground)
1. How long you been in the game now cuz?
January 12, 2010 will be 20 years that I have been in the hiphop
 industry professionally.
2. What inspired you to start rapping?
My Moms always listening to funk, Soul, Jazz, & R&B. Along with My
Uncle bringing home Sugar Hill’s Rappers Delight 12 inch with him from
the Army and constantly playing it over & over.
3. What’s been some of your highs and lows of ya career so far?
 The Highs have been seeing the reactions from crowds of fans genuinely
 appreciateing what we’ve created and telling us how we’ve played a part
in their lives through our music.The Lows come when our peers within
the indusrty don’t recognize the contribution you have made or done for
this thing we call HipHop Music.
4. I understand this is your first solo album. Tell us more
about the project?
Yes this is my first solo Debut. It is Called “AMERICAN DU” and is
 an album that is a flavorful fun Mature Hip-Hop Experience.
I call it ACHH(Adult Contemporary hipHop). I have production
by Pete Rock, The Real Focus, Scott Storch, Lexzyne Productions,
Mel & D, Illastate, The Are, Jimmy Johnson, Ric Notes, Lady Trauma
, & Be-Life. With Guest appearances by Masta Ace, Mr. Cheeks, Treach
of Naughty By Nature, Ed OG, Craig G, Shaheim(The Rugged Child)
Grand Daddy IU, Fundisha, Keronda, Black Ice (Da Poet), Tre’ Gator,
& Dj Kool.
5. What do u think of the current state of Hip Hop?
I think that HipHop is getting older each day with new people entering
into the culture thru the music from different directions, so it is making
it very interesting. It is also creating different levels, sections, & age
groups of HipHoppers.
6. What’s your new album called and when is it released?
 Like I said earlier the name of the album is “AMERICAN DU” and it will
be out May 4th, 2010 go get it on www.itunes.com or go to your local
store and ask them for it so you can enjoy the packaging.
7. If you could work with any rapper dead or alive who would
it be and why?
 I would love to see what Tupac would have had to offer at this present
 time. I would have loved to work with Jay-z before he got Mega Rich,
I wouldn’t mind working with Drake & even Lil Wayne, also Rakim
& one of the illest swagger emecees ever to me Run of Run DMC.
8. Give us a quick 8 bar freestyle or from one of ya tracks!
 “I’m a Rocker, Bandana wrapped around the mic stand, Hands around
 the throat of a man who’s leviathan, Cook without the frying pan,
Man…. I ‘m a Iron Man  before you get them letters on your chest cross
 the burning sand. It is I with the rapture, click camera’s to capture
The gosspel of a G see I’m something Like a pastor. People Hear Me this
is special Delivery Jersey where you at? On my Back I’ll Carry Thee!!” 
Track 15- “WE GETS DOWN” off of -AMERICAN DU-
9. We recently lost another Hip Hop Great, GURU. Was you i
nfluenced by his music and do you think the game will miss his presence?
 I was influenced by his music, I personally knew him, hungout
with him, & hell yeah the game will miss him, but his voice & legacy
will live on thru his music and contribution to Hip-Hop!
10. Do you have any projects that we should look out for in the near future.
Well if people don’t know I am very serious when it comes to acting ,
 Tevelision & Movie Projects. I am starting to produce independant
movies now so the first feature is called Dead Wrong directed by Rubin
Whitmore II. Also if you want to check out some past Mixtapes go
to www.Ballerstatus.com & put in Doitall Hunger in My Voice. I am
also looking for new talent to give them the same opportunity that Derk
 Jackson & Marley Marl gave me. Oh wait. I just did a deal with DGK
Skateboards I am in the Skateboard Business now. I am not a skater
I just love the culture and want to own my my own shop and supply
the culture with a fusion of my HipHop style. So Check out The Lord
Gang/Inkflo Boards Coming out thru DGK it’s going to be crazy!
Shouts to Mike Biv, Alkatraxx, www.Inkflo.com & Mr. Inkflo, All the
Producers on my project, & all of the artist. My Lord Gang Team & Staff,
The Lord Gang DJ’z, Mike Hatch, Michele Bennett(Shelly Patrone), Danjah
One, Da Hitman, GiGi Capone, The Phenom Cartel, Prowax, Fo eva Hood,
Shana Mac, Q, Lovett, Dj Lord Jazz, Mr. FunkMan All radio, dot Com sites,
Phat Phillie Bum Squad Dj’z, all the Dj’z who support me & Everyone who
is involved with this project in a big or small way. Shouts to my UK
connect KRUGA and Skillbeatz…they family now. If I forgot anyone
blame it on my brain, Not my heart.

 I would like to say thank you to all the people who has ever supported my

music & the way I live the culture. If you love fun mature Hip-Hop with

Substance “AMERICAN DU” is a must have in your HipHop collection.

Thank you again Peace & God Bless.

Bless!You can findout more about Doitall and his movements

by hitting him up on


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