@therealghetts -The Calm before the Storm preview (Out NOW!!)


Ghetts Calm before the storm out now

Ghetts releases much anticipated mixtape The Calm before the Storm – 12 July 2010
His grime persona has changed more than most in the 7 years that Ghetts has been prevalent in the unforgiving grime scene, this is illustrated most clearly in the evolution of his name, Justin or Ghetto recently became Ghetts, and his music has advanced just as clearly.
The Calm before the Storm charts Ghetts’ progress up through the rungs of respect and adoration of a music genre that is becoming more known and appreciated. It’s a mixtape signalling what’s to come (his debut album is due for release late 2010), and will satisfy the appetite of fans who have been waiting for the release that would follow the outstanding and prolific Freedom of Speech.
The Calm before the Storm takes us on a journey that peels back another layer of Ghetts’ engrossing personality. The intimidating presence of Ghetts on Freedom of Speech is left back in 2008, and aside from sharp, no nonsense warnings to imitators on My Sperm, a new sound has developed, presenting a calmer MC who explores the state of the grime industry and weighs up the success of his peers in mainstream quarters, making his own dedication to the genre on Grime Daily.
The Calm before the Storm features collaborations with Devlin on We Control This, and Ghetts retains his reputation for introducing fresh new talent to the scene featuring the currently popular Maxsta on Skadoosh. Tracks such as Brainless, Artillery and Trained to Kill remind us that Ghetts won’t shake his trademark attitude, whereas Still Singing shows he can still roll with a club tune, and plays homage to the epic 2009 single Sing For Me.
We’re given Ghetts’ standpoint on his plans for the future, which includes his highly-awaited debut album, on Legend in the Making; suggesting this fourth mixtape might only be the start.
Calm before the Storm is released on 360 Records/Absolute on 12th July 2010.

Calm before the Storm is the fourth mixtape from grime MC Ghetts. The edginess and hunger shown on his debut release 2000 & Life took inspiration from his life growing up in East London, it was around this time that Ghetts began a friendship with Nasty Crew’s Kano, which culminated in him taking part in tours and shows including the MOBO Awards and performing in New York.
Ghetts’ second offering Ghetto Gospel offered a different side to the MC, a thought-provoking and reflective CD exploring themes of love, loss, and family.
Freedom of Speech began life as an almost instant classic as Ghetts began to combine his raw energy, East London swagger and impressive bar jousting. Highlights were collaborations with MC’s Griminal and Devlin and critical acclaim came in showers.


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