UCMMA 14 | Jamaine Facey defeats Edgelson Lua | MMA News | Rep Dat Sport

Edgelson Lua Vs Jamaine Facey

Jamaine Facey came to the cage with a huge ring of support from his fans at UCMMA 14.  Facey took his right knee to Lua’s face and was almost mocking Lua at the beginning his Welter Weight UCMMA fight. 

Jamaine Facey | Bandogs MMA 

Jamaine Facey at one point was on the floor struggling, then Lua converted his move into a sleeper hold on Facey and when this repdat reporter thought it was all over for Facey…..in came the chants from Facey’s supporters which looked like a scene out of an old school hulk-a-maina amp up.  Facey managed to reverse the sleeper and punched Lua to the floor making the Lua Vs Facey match go to round 2. Jamaine Facey regained momentum in the second round, with the support of his dedicated fans the areana was intensified… I won’t spoil how Facey the won fight but lets just say the ref did stop the fight at 4:50 in round ???…  Watch the Fight on Sky Sports This Wednesday at 21:30 and 23:30  

Edgelson Lua

Edgelson Lua was defeated by Jamaine Facey at UCMMA 14

Jamaine Facey on Edgelson Lua after the match…. “I have underestimated him, I don’t want to fight him again I’ll tell you that”   

Jamaine Facey on the  chock “I have learnt from past fight to let a guy chock you,  I knew I was going to get the job done”   

Rep Dat caught up with Jamaine Facey after the fight and he truly deserves the fans he has got and more, respect to Bandogs MMA for the Jermaine Facey hook up –  video coming soon   

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Remember to watch the  UCMMA 14 event in exclusively on Sky Sports  

on the 11th August at 21:30 and 23:30 


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