UCMMA 14 | Jimi Manuwa defeats Valentino Petrescu | UCMMA 14 News| MMA

Valentino Petrescu Vs Jimi Manuwa

Jimi Manuwa was the favourite to win after all it was Jimi ‘Poster Boy’ Manuwa Light-Heavy Weight title on the line against Petrescu at UCMMA 14.

 It was the main event the Light Heavyweight Title Fight,  Jimi Manuwa was the favourite to win and proved why when he landed the first punch with a left hook. 

Jimi Manuwa | Keddles Gym & Nova Force

Jimi Manuwa defeated Petrescu at UCMMA 14 defending his light-heavy weight title

There was a lot of respect in the ring at the beginning with mit  nudges from both opponents every time there was a punch landed, however the title fight was led by Manuwa with right knees and  left hooks from Jimi Manuwa to Valentino  and a TKO

Overall it was quite a short match with Manuwa stating  “..It was nothing he wobbled and I finished him” in the first round. There is no doubt that Manuwa needs some fresh meat for a real challenge Valentino could have competed in the title fight via Skype or Twitter and would have had a bigger impact.

Valentino Petrescu | Team Sure Grip

Valentino Petrescu was defeated in a title fight by Light Heavy-Weight champion Jimi Manuwa

Jason Barrett whom is a Welter Weight fighter and host of UCMMA stars in the forthcoming film The Naked Poet stated that “Jimmi is going to the top” they don’t call him Jimi ‘Poster Boy’ Manuwa for nothing. 

Rep Dat caught up with Jimi Manuwa for  a post match interview which  is coming soon to Rep Dat. 

Read the Facey Vs Lua UCMMA 14 overview on Rep Dat

To catch the Manuwa Vs Petrescu fight in all it’s glory tune into Sky Sports on Wednesday at 21:30 and 23:30, big shout out to @halopr for the bring in for UCMMA 14.



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