Ian Wright confirms he quit Live from Studio Five

Ian Wright Image
Ian Wright didn’t get fired, he left Live From Studio Five

Ian Wright Quit Live From Studio Five

It was suggested Ian Wright was axed as a result of falling ratings or because he had refused to promote Five’s struggling talent show Don’t Stop Believing.

However, Ian Wright insists he was not sacked, but quit because the broadcaster’s new management team had decided to cut Live From Studio Five from an hour to 30 minutes.

The ex-Arsenal striker told Absolute Radio he opted against renewing his contract following arguments about the new format.

Ian Wright explained: “They’ve just literally cut the show in half – there’s no banter, there’s no talk, and for the last couple of weeks where they’ve been trying it out, I’ve been saying ‘This is pointless, this is not what I’m doing it for’.”

Five, which had seen viewing figures for Live From Studio Five fall by 70 per cent since its launch 11 months ago, said a decision had been taken not to extend Wright’s contract. Ian Wright quit Live from Studio Five to dave his reputation, his Wrighty he deserves more respect then 30 a  minute  on show on Five. 

Read the full story on Ian Wright quitting Live from Studio Five on  Metro 


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