Tanya Vital – Emmerdale star talks to Rep Dat | Exclusive


Tanya Vital

Gorgeous Tanya Vital has been in Emmerdale since 2008 and plays the character Adele Allfrey

Tanya Vital: Her background

I was born and am currently based in Bradford West Yorkshire. I have a degree in Architectural Technology, which I studied for whilst filming Emmerdale, (as actors are usually out of work more than in it – this is my back-up plan). I’m also a budding writer. I wrote a short Play in 2009 with Freedom Studios theatre Company.

Tanya Vital has a degree in Architectural Technology

Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists

How Tanya Vital got started

As a child I always wanted to be an actor. I was first inspired by the wonderful Cathy Tyson, but I was a late starter because a) my mum couldn’t afford Stage School fees when I was younger and b) I was like a tom boy and didn’t want to spend my Saturdays indoors. At 17 I attended Stage 84 Stage School for a short while but left to focus more on my A levels.  

Cathy Tyson an English stage, film and television actress

Tanya Vital was inspired by Cathy Tyson to start her acting career and acted alongside her Watch Over Me 2

In 2000 I was one of the 30 winners the first BBC Talent competition and the prize was a small part on Holby City. I subsequently went back to College to a BTEC in Performing Arts. During this time I joined the National Youth Theatre which changed my life forever. I was lucky enough to work with my Idol Cathy Tyson on Watch Over Me 2, the first film I made with The National Youth Theatre. Whilst filming I auditioned for Kerching with BBC and the rest, as they say is history. I went on to do another film with the NYT and another series of Kerching with the BBC. I have also worked on other BBC comedies and most recently ITV’s Emmerdale as Andy Sugden’s love interest Adele Allfrey.
Where Tanya Vital is going 

I’d love to get back to my comedic roots. Comedy it great fun and it’s possibly the only genre where you can play a variety of characters that aren’t necessarily your ‘type’. The problem at the minute is that there isn’t much work around for anyone, let alone for short, black, northern women so artists have to take their future into their own hands are create their own work. I’m hoping to get back into writing and developing work of my own in the future.

Tanya Vital on the set of Emmerdale
Soaps are huge productions and Emmerdale was very daunting at first. I’d never worked with so many cameras shooting at once, the boom’s (Microphones) are reeled over you on huge cranes and the turnover is so quick there is very little time for rehearsal. It’s also really surreal being on the set of such a historical establishment, sitting in the Woolpack, surrounded by with such well known artists. Even after 2 years I was still in awe every time I filmed at the Emmerdale Village, it’s such a beautiful place (although less so in the middle of winter haha).

Tanya Vital with actor Kevin Fletcher on Emmerdale

Tanya Vital plays the character Adele Allfrey on Emmerdale and has also starred in Holby City



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