Why knowing your black history is important | Rep Dat Black History

There are many reasons why knowing your black history is important …below are real examples taken from schools/colleges and PTA’s

  1. “Is that a real picture or is that special effects? ”
    10 year old black girl in response to seeing photo of caring black family

  2. “I never knew Egypt was in Africa !”,
    18 year old black college student, white primary school teacher

  3. “The only thing they teach us at school about black people is that we were slaves”
    15 year old pupil

  4. “My 7 year old daughter was taught that Africa was a big jungle where people drank blood”
    28 year old parent

  5. “Me and my friends did the black doll white doll thing with my 10 year old they all though the white doll was smart and pretty and the black doll was ugly and we’re all black teachers who think we’re conscious”
    Black female teacher 32

  6. ” We were taught that Britian civilised Africa and the only reason there was a slave trade was because the blacks were selling each other”
    14 year old year girl

  7. “I thought I knew my history but after that film I realise how much I’ve been brainwashed”
    35 year old parent

  8. “We do recognise black history, we have posters of Kelly Rowland and there’s going to be some African drumming”
    Headteacher primary school west London

  9. “Its not fair, we spent so much time on WW2/WW1 but I never told the kids about the African/Caribbean presence because I did’nt know my self
    Teacher and parent

  10. “How can I tell my child something they never taught me in the first place? I would’nt even know what there was to tell unless I’d come to this event”
    38 year old parent

For a list of appropriate talks & films on the African history in Britain and the world  visit black history walks, knowing your black history is important no matter what some lost people may think.


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