Katie Price at Bamma mma for Alex reid vs Tom Watson


Katie Price at Bamma mma for Alex reid vs Tom Watson

Katie Price stands to attention as Alex Reid (Katie Prices’ husband) takes on Tom Watson this weekend at BAMMA . Katie Price (wife of Alex Reid) shows her support for Reid in more ways than one.

BAMMA results for Watson vs Reid are Tom Watson takes scores of 49-47, 49-46, 49-46 over Alex Reid in weirdly, one of the biggest UK MMA fight ever. Fun fight watch the Watson vs Reid fight on Rep Dat.


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17 responses to “Katie Price at Bamma mma for Alex reid vs Tom Watson

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  • Robert

    Those fight results were a joke

  • james adam

    this was one of the best fights i have ever seen it was so close i think it was the right desition but alex ried has been out for so long it was a great fight and there was no respect at the start but at the end that had all changed

    • james adam

      i would realy love a re match i think that it would a no brainer that alex would win, just need a bit more preperation and keep your hands up.

      • hugh

        Alex Reid was given THE BEST support and training all over the world, and if he could not win with all that support then THE BEST MAN WON

  • AdzHugill

    Reid is a mug, not even close to being a proper fighter. Get him in ufc LOL, WOULD LOVE TO SEE him destroyed

    • AdzHugill

      And Reid ain’t even fought his way up like the rest! He is a pussy whipped mong who lives off his wifes fame. Put him in with Dan Hardy then see how many people “rate” him.

      • Rep Dat

        Some people catch a break while other have to get through the hard way, look how many people are talking about Reid he has def lifted the profile up of BAMMA if he has done nothing else because a lot of people are talking about it.

      • AdzHugill

        Thats true, but only because he is married 2 jordan. Did you honestly hear of him before? He reckons he has fought for years, i have watched and been involved for 8 years now and only come across him after that big brother shit.

  • rabagee

    alex reid is a machine , tom watson looked like he was nearly giving up at some points but managed to stick it out both men fought with alot of heart but tom knew when he had to step it up with the kick/thai boxin

    we will see a rematch and i just hope alex works on his jujitsu and cardio , would like to see him training with some of the uk fighters in the uk dan hardy and bisping , alex is the ppls champ

    only thing that was bad about the fight has to be the commentators they talked about the wrong stuff at the wrong time to help push the sport in the uk i think the style of ufc commentry has to be adopted and used to fit BAMMA fights on uk tv

  • mandy

    I think alex reid did really well, b4 the build up i wanted him beat as i thought he was an idiot and didn’t stand a chance, but after watching the build up i really wanted him to win and he did do himself proud we all probably thought it was going to be over in no time but that wasn’t the case at all, he’s a good fighter.

  • kells

    so who won i really dont understand the scoring i hope alex got his butt kicked he is such a loser along with his wife

  • j grey

    Alex got his ass kick tom done him in alex needs to walk away be for he get made a complete jackass of him self alex giveing the big I am now look at your self

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  • shad

    He would kick your arse…. cunt

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