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Monster – kanye west,rick ross,jay-z, Nicki Minaj

Monster – kanye west,rick ross,jay-z, Nicki Minaj




Jay-Z – D’Evils [Reasonable Doubt]

Hip Hop CLASSIC – 2Pac – Jay-z – Outkast – Snoop – Biggie Smalls

Hip Hop Therapy

2Pac – Life of an Outlaw

Jay z can I live

Outkast – Atliens

snoop doggy dogg – tha shiznit

Biggie Smalls – Machine Gun Funk

Beanie Sigel Hates Kanye West CALLS him a batty bwoy @KanyeWest

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel has blasted his ex-labelmate Kanye West on a new freestyle and accuses the Grammy winner of being a homosexual. Freestyling off Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Blueprint 3 “Haters” collaboration, Sigel calls out Yeezy on multiple bars. “Middle finger up to Jay’eeerrr, I don’t give a f*ck about Ye’eerrr,” Sigel raps, “Wanna know, I think Ye Queeer/He dress gayeeeer, I sweearr/I heard he takes it in his reeeearr/You should know by now I don’t caaarrre.”

Earlier this month, Beans performed a freestyle diss of Jay’s “Already Home” toward the rap mogul at a Philadelphia concert. “Lost the Best of Both Worlds, you could of called R. Kelly,” Beans rapped, “Mister 2-3, since he’s got the arch already, you supposed to pass that Roc when the ball got heavy/Instead he’s getting picked at half court already — he 45 and playing for the Wizards already/Stop stalling, let’s get it already/Number one rap recording would have spit it already/I’m a nightmare and will show up in your dreams like Freddy/Sigel, Desert Eagle Arc heavy, already/N*ggas is running scared already/Memph Bleek peed the sheets and leave the bed all wetty…”

Last month, Sigel talked about regretting his past loyalty to Jay during their beef with Ruff Ryders in 2001. “Only thing I regret about that Roc-A-Fella sh*t was going at my n*gga Kiss,” Beans said in an interview referencing his 2001 beef with Jadakiss. “I did that sh*t for you n*gga ’cause you were scared. You knew Kiss would have bit that a**. I should pull off my belt and whip that a**. You better watch who you worship, man…I know all that f*ggot sh*t you poppin’ and the little slurs on Drake and them’s records and I’ma tell y’all little motherf*ckers something, y’all keep letting that n*gga get on records and pop sh*t. I’ma start coming at cha’ll little n*ggas. I’ll smack the sh*t outta Drake b*tch a**. All y’all n*ggas, f*ck all y’all. This is Broad Street Bully, B. Sig, I have no problem seeing anybody on site.”

In January, Jay said he was shocked at the disses Beans made toward him. “This rap music and the competitive by nature, nothing really surprises me anymore but I’ll honestly say, that was one that was like a shocker,” Hov said in an interview. “When you from a certain place, cut from a certain cloth, there’s certain things that’s just off limits. When you cross that line, we put you in a different box. That one was a little surprising. The competitive nature of rap music dictates that’s how it goes more times than it’s not…I think everybody run outta ideas, it’s all just marketing at this point. I don’t even think it’s competition anymore…” (“Ed Lover In The Morning”) Check out Beanie Sigel’s “Haters” freestyle below:

@rickyrozay ft Jay-z -mason on @REPDAT


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